Powder Compacting

Most synthetic materials are complex oxides or contain artificial admixtures. To obtain them, input substances should be carefully mixed into fine powders and heated at temperatures below the melting point of the product (agglomeration).

Compacting is the technological process of condensing a batch or powder to make it a solid article. It is used for crystal material synthesis, in metallurgy and some other material synthesis. To make the diffusion of components as complete as possible, the synthesis should, whenever possible, go into melt. Traditional high-temperature hot crucible melting using electric arc melting may result in interaction with a crucible or electrode. For this reason, the best results can be achieved through high-frequency (HF) or induction melting, when the cooled layer (lining, or garnissage) protects melt from being polluting. Induction furnaces have other advantages, such as high productivity, intense aerodynamic circulation of melt in a crucible, simplicity and ease of maintenance.

Rusgems offers oxide compacting using the high-frequency melting process in a cool container. We are able to use the customers’ our own input material.

Growth furnace
Cool container