Stabilized Cubic Zirconia

This form of zirconium dioxide is instable under the heat. To become stabilized, it needs to be doped by the oxides of magnum, yttrium, calcium, cerium and other metals, resulting in various crystal colors. Due to high indices of refraction and dispersion, zirconium dioxide with cubic crystal lattice has applications in jewelry as an artificial substitute for diamonds and other natural jewelry stones. Our company has unique technology for manufacturing stabilized cubic zirconia-based super-high temperature refractory ceramics. We use it as a material for thermal insulation screens in high-temperature growing and melting furnaces. Colorless stabilized zirconium dioxide is a good material for high-quality lenses for optical devices and glasses, and optical devices for quantum generators.

Colorless cubic zirconia
Cubic zirconia
Table - Features of stabilized cubic zirconia
Density, g/sm³ No less than 6,02
Micro-hardness, GPa 12-14
Bending Strength, MPa 800-850
Young Modulus, GPa 180-220