Organizing Leuco Sapphire Manufacturing

When beginning to manufacture an industrial output of leuco sapphire, it is a priority to organize the subsequent processing for the production of large leuco sapphire boules. In order to obtain a lead in the market, it can be enough to secure manufacturing billets for wafers of different sizes and polished billets of optical windows, which are in demand on the international market of modern electronics and optical system components. The equipment needed to establish the volume of output that would secure a two-year payback period includes about 20 crystal growing furnaces and billet-cutting equipment. For the future, it would be useful to increase the number of growing furnaces and purchase the equipment for deeper mechanical processing, thus making it possible to arrange the polished leuco sapphire products and widen the range of output.

RHT offers consultancy and engineering services in arranging industrial leuco sapphire product lines in cooperation with partners (Apex Ltd. and Tsagriol Ltd.). Our experts can assist with purchasing, installing and adjusting the growing and processing equipment, are able to establish production technology, including personnel training, and distribution of final production. Equipment we offer includes:
  • “Apex” furnaces specifically designed for growing crystals with the Kyropoulos method;
  • Set of crystal processing equipment.
Supplying crystal-growing equipment includes the following procedures:
  • provisional receipt of furnaces from the manufacturer;
  • furnace installation and commissioning by the customer;
  • assembly and annealing of thermal units;
  • handover of furnaces to the customer with demonstration of commercial sapphire growing process;
  • training of customer personnel;
  • technical support for a one-year period.
Establishment of technology includes:
  • consultations and/or technological support for 3 month period on the Kyropoulus method for sapphire crystal growing technologies;
  • consultations on related technologies (powder compacting, grown crystal processing to commercial products);
  • customer personnel training on growth and processing technologies,for 6-month period.